Huracan Cafe Wedding – Marissa and Tony

Amazing wedding at Huracan Cafe Punta Cana and intimate trash the dress session at Macao beach.

Think Punta Cana and the first few things that come to mind are nature, beauty, beaches, serenity, open water, sand and views that take your breath away! When we add a wedding to that glorious mix, one can only expect the most astounding and mesmerizing experience. A Punta Cana Wedding promises the most gorgeous natural setting that is sure to make memories for a lifetime.

This amazing wedding was held at Huracan Café Punta Cana and it brought out some of the most delightful picture perfect moments. With such a beautiful backdrop one cannot expect less than perfect shots! Any Punta Cana photographer will confirm what a delight it is to click through a wedding and what amazing results it gives. The wedding was impeccably planned and executed by the very talented Natalia Roldan.

The beautiful bride in her stunning white gown and the handsome groom matching up to her style made a perfect pair. The pastel bridesmaids’ dresses and light hued grooms’ men attire were all complimenting the whole wedding look and feel. The crystal clear water and grainy sand under the feet brought out the best of natural emotions. It was a bright and clear day that added to the beauty of the pictures and the event. Huracan Café Punta Cana prove to be an amazing venue to hold the perfect wedding with great music, food and ambience. The rustic wooden deck, Palm trees, blue waters, fine sand, fire dancers, crazy hour show and so many other elements made it an event to cherish and remember for life.

The quirky dance floor with a neon ‘LOVE’ sign right in the middle of nature added to some of the most fun moments at the wedding. Both bride and groom looked hopelessly in love and absolutely enthralled by everything around them. They had the time of their life dancing to their favorite music and having a ball with their friends and family. Every picture has captured their natural and true emotions that speak volumes about their love and happiness. That’s the beauty of nature, it brings out the very best in people.

This Punta Cana wedding was absolutely breathtaking and one that will be remembered and talked about for generations to come. Wishing the beautiful couple, a lifetime of love and togetherness.